Monday, 5 December 2016

My Posh Village Life

Living in my off-grid eco-house in the village, I sometimes laugh at the aspects of my life which could be considered posh, but in reality are just me making life work with what I have where I am. Here are a few of the 'features' of my home…

Eco-housing… with complete ecosystems. Although my house of bush materials is locally sourced and very eco-friendly, it also comes with a complete ecosystem of spiders, geckos and strange rustling sounds in the roof. One day we even had a sunbird fly in the open eaves to pick spiders straight out of their webs as a breakfast snack.

Four poster bed… or rather, my mosquito net plus canopy. A mossie net is critical in the village, to keep out various members of the eco-system mentioned above. Not only does it keep out mossies, but gives me a sense of security from rats, bees, bugs, geckos and other critters. As my thatch roof ages, the bugs living there have been creating an increasing amount of droppings that fall straight through my net and onto my bed. To prevent this, I've attached a sarong/laplap to the top of my net, creating the effect of a four poster bed.

Prawns (and other seafood) for dinner! Fresh seafood, caught that day and delivered to the door. About the only downside to this is that I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to putting live crabs in water and bringing them to the boil.

Water front views… delivered right to your door. We had a king tide in October, and over the course of a few hours we watched the water creep up, under our house, over our garden, and through the entire village. It was our only little piece of Venice. A slightly muddy, mosquito-esque Venice, but waterfront none-the-less.

Stand up desk.  I hear that standing up to work at your computer is a recommended practice these days. As we use the modem attached to our HF radio, the best place to put our computers is next to the radio, resulting in a stand up desk. Okay, so email via HF makes dial-up internet look fast (one day it was coming in at 10 characters a second, but 70 characters a second is more normal), but it's a stand up desk and email in the village!


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