Monday, 10 October 2011


Many years ago when setting up an email account, I could not use my name as others had got there first. On the spur of the moment I typed in 'joyful bubbles.' It was available, so I established myself a new identity. Soon after, I took to signing my emails with 'Blessings and Bubbles'. I have no clear reason for choosing either, yet in over a decade of use, they have come to be part of how I identify myself and have developed a meaning of their own.

Bubbles are fragile pieces of beauty and perfection. In marvel at their beauty in the moment of their existence, before they dissolve into the air. 'Joyful bubbles' are for me the moments of beauty that occur in our lives every day. Some of them are passing. Some of them occur daily and we easily overlook them. Others are so remarkable that to see them and not wonder, is impossible. These are moments of beauty, or of love, or of perfection, or of compassion, or of life. In them I am reminded that the world is not without hope, but is loved with a perfect love by the creator of all beauty, life and hope.

When I sign my correspondence 'Blessings and Bubbles' it is my prayer that others may also be inspired by these moments of hope in their life each day. May they recognise the blessings, both great and small, both everyday and miraculous, that occur around them. May they not be overwhelmed by the brokenness of our world, but be renewed with love and hope.

In calling this blog 'Blessings and Bubbles' I hope to share some of my reflections on life as I experience it, including the joyful moments with the times of grief or confusion. My life is filled with many interests and threads, which I hope to slowly weave together here. One key thread is that I am a Christian and live and write from that perspective. Some days this will be a primary theme in what I write, at all times the underlying current to how I understand the world.

I am a long term journaller and letter writer. Developing a blog, with an audience of both friends and strangers, is a journey I step into with trepidation, yet I thank you for joining me in seeing where it leads.

Blessings and Bubbles
Hanna Joy


  1. Ahh, so that's where it all started. Now I now. :-)
    Welcome to blogland! I look forward to keeping up to your newsiness in this new format. :-)

  2. This is such a good move. Friends and family will be able to check on the latest and review events from the past all in the one place. I look forward to learning a little more of your journey.