Saturday, 15 September 2012

Pacific Orientation Course: Introduction

View from Nobnob

For over a month now, I’ve been at POC (Pacific Orientation Course) at Nobnob near Madang. POC is a fourteen week course designed to introduce us to life, culture and language in PNG. The goal is to give us an appreciation for the life of Papua New Guineans as well as skills to live, minister and thrive in this country.

To this end, the course has many facets which I hope to describe in a series of blog posts. As this is my first post in six weeks of POC and it is only a few weeks until we head to villages for a five week block, please be patient if the posts are somewhat delayed in arriving!

POC is certainly a full-on experience. The busy schedule is only a part of it; between 28 adult participants, their 20 kids (mostly pre-school aged) and staff families, everyday life is never dull. Shared meals, living in dorms around a common quadrangle, riding up and down the mountain in the POC truck…life is full and often tiring, but good.
I hope you enjoy my POC snapshots as I write them and post them. Maybe I’ll even manage to add some photos, but we’ll see.

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